Crude Oil Forecast: WTI Forms Intra-Day Bullish Flag

The long-term outlook for WTI crude oil remains negative and it is too soon to state that a bottom has been made. However, last Friday, June WTI met major support at $43.76, the 1.00 projection of the wave $57.95 – 47.58 – 54.14 (exact projection was $43.77). This was also in the realm of the August 2016 swing low of $44.56 and the 62 percent retracement of the move up from $36.18 to $57.95 ($44.5). The confluence of support between $43.77 and $44.56 and the fact that this range has held on a closing basis favors a larger upward correction before the decline continues.

In addition to meeting support at $43.76, June WTI confirmed daily bullish divergences on the KaseCD and Stochastic and a bullish KasePO PeakOut (oversold signal). These signals call for the upward correction to extend. Most importantly, over the past two days, the pullback from $46.98 formed a bullish intraday flag, shown below on the $0.35 Kase Bar chart.

June 2017 WTI Crude Oil - $0.35 Kase Bar Chart
June 2017 WTI Crude Oil – $0.35 Kase Bar Chart

For now, according to Kase’s price forecasting model, odds are 65 percent for a break higher out of the flag. These odds will increase as prices rise toward the upper trendline of the flag at $46.6.

Important resistance at $47.6 should be challenged upon a break higher out of the flag. This is the confluence point between the 38 percent retracement of the decline from $54.14 to $43.76 and the 0.618 projection of the wave $43.76 – 46.98 – 45.53.

That said, there are some danger signs that indicate the flag, and other bullish technical factors, are on the teetering edge of failing.

The key to a break higher out of the flag and extended upward correction is holding support at $45.5. This is in line with the today’s $45.53 swing low and the flag’s lower trendline. A close below this would call for a test of $45.0, the 62 percent retracement of the move up from $43.76 to $46.98. Settling below $45.0 would shift near-term odds back in favor of testing the $43.76 low again.

This is a brief analysis and outlook for the next day or so. Our weekly Crude Oil Commentary and intra-week updates are much more detailed and thorough energy price forecasts that cover WTI, Brent, RBOB Gasoline, Diesel, and spreads. If you are interested in learning more, please sign up for a complimentary four-week trial.

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