Kase Custom Bar Types


Kase Bars are equal TrueRange bars which smooth bar size and automatically adapt to changes in volatility. The result is clearer and cleaner signals. These bars are especially helpful in markets which trade overnight or which have erratic, volatile opens versus the remainder of the trading day.

Kase Bars are currently available on Bloomberg and TradeStation.

Overview of KaseBars

  • Use TrueRange to determine bar size
  • Gaps are allowable
  • Do not insert fictitious or “filler” data
Kase Bars

Kase Xrange Bars

Kase’s Xrange bars improve upon standard high-low range bars by automatically adjusting to changing market conditions, emulating time bar ranges, using only “real” data, and include throttles which set minimum number of seconds, minutes, or ticks per bar, avoiding generation of multiple bars per second during big moves. The resultant signals are clearer and cleaner than time or volume bars, while avoiding the pitfalls of standard range bars.

Xrange bars are currently available in NinjaTrader, but may be programmed on other platforms as requested.

Overview of Xrange Bars

  • Dynamically “mimic” time bars
  • Feature a time and tick minimums so aberrations don’t occur
  • Include gaps and do not include any false data
  • Generate more timely entries and exits versus time or volume bars
Kase Xrange Bars

Free Pricing

KaseBars are free to Bloomberg and TradeStation users.

Kase XRange Bars are included with Kase StatWare and KaseX subscribers on NinjaTrader.

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