Kase Analysis and Expert Services

Expert Services, Testimony, and Expert Witness Work

Kase has extensive expertise in energy transactions, deal capture, reporting and deal flow, proper reporting and confirmation, and is uniquely qualified to deal with matters involving prices and pricing. Assignments involving extensive mathematical calculations or programming are our forte. Further, Kase has made presentations to regulatory bodies on hedging and energy pricing topics.

General Energy Analysis

Any analysis challenges regarding energy prices is our focus. This may include basis and regression analysis, refining economics, risk analysis and VAR, price forecasting, Monte Carlo simulations, calendar spreads and storage analysis, setting credit dollar-value limits, analysis of trader performance and setting trader risk limits, price fairness issues, and more. Kase has collegial relationships with experts in the shipping, physical storage, and other disciplines whom can be brought in to support complex projects.

Analysis and Expert Rates

Retainer Required.

Large projects may be bid on lump sum basis.



Client Location



$6500/day, 3-day minimum, waiting time included, half rate for travel

Senior Associate


$2925/day, half rate for travel




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