Kase Learning and Support Center

Kase Learning and Support Center

Support Documentation

Download support and training documentation for Kase StatWare, KaseX, Kase Outlook, Kase Bars, and Xrange Bars.

Training Videos

Watch training videos for Kase StatWare, KaseX, and Kase Outlook and advanced trading and forecasting techniques.


Watch archived partner webinars given by Kase on subject matter ranging from the methodologies behind Kase StatWare and KaseX to basic forecasting techniques using Kase Wave Analysis.


Request and download articles published on technical analysis and trading as well as energy risk management and hedging.


Read, watch, and listen to interviews given by Kase’s president Cynthia A. Kase.

Premium Books and Videos

Published books, books in which Kase has contributed chapters, and video series.