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The Hidden Dangers of Energy ETFs

MoneyShow.com – March 2012

Energy ETFs have become notorious for rollover issues that lead to failure to track energy futures well. Cynthia Kase discusses this phenomenon.

Commodities Hour with host Andy Hecht on TFNN 2013

Commodities Hour – July 2013

Cynthia Kase discusses matters that pertain to crude oil and other forms of energy equities.

Cynthia Kase on Kase Bar Charting – Part 1

TraderInterviews.com – July 2010

A new way to look at bar charts – accounting for volatility. Excellent view of technical analysis for short term trading strategies.

Cynthia Kase on Kase Bar Trading – Part 2

TraderInterviews.com – July 2010

Part 2 of TraderInterview.com’s discussion with Cynthia Kase on how to use Kase Bars in online stock trading and technical analysis.

Print Interviews

Interview with Cynthia Kase, CMT, MFTA

By Amber Hestla-Barnhart

MTA’s Technically Speaking – Aug 2014

Cynthia Kase discusses her career as a market technician, how she got her start, the focus of Kase and Company, Inc., and advice for anyone starting a new business.

Is It Time to Hedge Against Oil Hikes?

By Vincent Ryan

CFO.com – Feb 2012

Vincent Ryan from CFO.com quotes Cynthia A. Kase, CMT, MFTA in his 2012 article “Is It Time to Hedge Against Oil Hikes?” discussing how CFOs can use a Monte Carlo simulation to gauge the probability of oil hitting certain price points.

Protecting Against an Oil Price Blowout

By Vincent Ryan

CFO.com – Mar 2011

Vincent Ryan from CFO.com quotes Cynthia A. Kase, CMT, MFTA and Dean Rogers, AP in his 2011 article “Protecting Against an Oil Price Blowout” detailing how there were reasonable options strategies for those who had not yet hedged fuel prices.