Kase Training Videos

The following videos will help to get you started with Kase’s products and services.

Kase StatWare

Kase StatWare Lesson This video teaches the basics of Kase StatWare and the use of the four core indicators: KEES, KDevStops, KaseCD, and KasePO.

Kase Easy Entry System (KEES) A more in-depth look at Kase StatWare’s entry system and its application for timing entries.

Kase DevStops How the statistically significant Kase DevStops can be used to effectively manage trade risk.



KaseX Lesson The essentials of KaseX’s entry and exit symbols, the use of stops for managing risk, and basic trading strategy.

Kase Outlook on Bloomberg

Running Kase Outlook for the First Time Learn how to run a basic “Custom List Outlook” and generate primary support and resistance targets, probabilities for meeting those targets, and more.

Running Portfolio Analysis Learn how to add a Bloomberg PRTU portfolio to Kase Outlook and regularly run analysis on that – or a series of – portfolios.