Ongoing Hedge Strategy Support

Kase’s Hedge Strategy support is a compliment to the Kase’s subscription based hedge services. This support usually consists of weekly conference calls to address specific client issues, provision of custom basis and regression analyses, discussion of current market conditions, and specific hedge strategies.

Custom Models

Have a variable production or usage curve or have a proprietary price stream, such as a formula based liquids price? Kase will develop the tools you need to fit your requirements.

Support Your Clients

Boost your marketing efforts by bundling Kase hedge services or providing a monthly conference call on “what’s happening” in your market and hedging implications.


Custom service $3,000 per month per commodity in addition to regular service fees, up to a maximum of $8,000 per month total.

For more information about Kase’s Hedge Strategy Support and its pricing please submit an information request form or contact us at (505) 237-1600.

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