Kase Webinars

The following are Kase webinars that were hosted by partners.

Kase on Bear Market Trading Strategies

April 2020
Hosted by NinjaTrader

Dean Rogers, CMT discusses his approach to using Fibonacci tools to identify optimal short trade opportunities in bear markets. Dean reviews techniques used by Kase in their award-winning energy & metals price forecasts to identify key support & resistance levels.He also explores and demonstrates ways traders can use this information along with signals from Kase StatWare and KaseX to time trades without chasing a move. This is a must-see webinar if you’re interested in new ways to utilize Fibonacci analysis and Kase’s progressive trade signals.

Kase StatWare: Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

December 2017
Hosted by NinjaTrader

Kase and Company, Inc.’s president, Cynthia A. Kase, and Senior Consulting Analysist, Dean Rogers, explain how Kase StatWare’s unique adaptive indicator algorithms improve the accuracy and timing of trade signals and setups. They also demonstrate the three simple steps necessary to enter, monitor, and exit trades using Kase StatWare. Finally, as a bonus, they show how StatWare’s signals can be incorporated into your own trading indicators and strategies using NinjaTrader.

Spotlight on Dean Rogers: Choosing the Correct Bar Length

March 2015
Hosted by TradeStation

In this webinar, Senior Analyst Dean Rogers discusses Kase’s approach to choosing multiple bar lengths based upon trading style, trading goals, risk appetite and underlying market conditions.

Trade Like a Pro with Cynthia A. Kase, CMT, MFTA: Kase StatWare Secrets and Kase’s “Secret Software”

May 2014
Hosted by NinjaTrader

In this webinar, Cynthia Kase discusses why she developed the Kase StatWare indicators which improve upon traditional trading techniques. She also reviews KaseX which condenses Kase StatWare into a simple symbol based signals.

Part I: Take Trading to the Next Level with Kase StatWare

March 2014
Hosted by eSignal

Part I of a three-part webinar series provides an overview of how to use Kase StatWare.

Part II: Advanced Trading Techniques Using Kase StatWare

March 2014
Hosted by eSignal

Part II reviews advanced trading techniques using Kase StatWare. How to choose bar lengths and example using multiple bar lengths to are also reviewed.

Part III: Developing a Strategy for Trading with Kase StatWare

March 2014
Hosted by eSignal

Part III identifies market direction, trends, corrections, and how to develop a strategy to trade successfully with Kase StatWare.

Five Reasons to Use Kase StatWare – CQG

July 2012
Hosted by CQG

Discover the five key reasons to use Kase StatWare for CQG, including Kase’s “easy entry” color-coded entry system, the intelligent Kase DevStops, and the self-adjusting momentum Kase PeakOscillator (KasePO) and KaseCD.

Spotlight on Dean Rogers: Trading Multiple Time, Tick Volume, and Kase Bar with Kase StatWare

August 2011
Hosted by TradeStation

This one-hour webinar discusses Kase’s approach to trading using multiple time, tick volume and Kase Bar charts.