Natural Gas Forecast: January Poised to Test $2.10

By Dean Rogers

Natural gas is still looking for support from weather, but until cold temperatures arrive in key areas of the U.S. prices should continue to grind lower. The negative bias is confirmed by KaseX’s filtered short signal (purple diamonds).

Natural Gas

January futures met an important target at $2.15 on Wednesday. This was the 0.618 projection for the wave $2.347 – 2.175 – 2.259. A close below $2.15 would call for key support at $2.10, the 1.00 projection.

The importance of $2.15 indicates a correction might take place first, but look for resistance at $2.22 to hold. A close over $2.22 would call for $2.26 and possibly $2.30. A move higher than $2.30 is doubtful without support from weather.

This is a brief natural gas forecast for the next day or so. Our weekly Natural Gas Commentary is a much more detailed and thorough analysis. If you are interested in learning more, please sign up for a complimentary four week trial.

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Dean Rogers, CMT

Dean Rogers, CMT is the general manager of the Kase Call Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He oversees all of Kase and Company, Inc.’s operations including research and development, marketing, and client support. Dean began his career with Kase in early 2001 as a programmer but has developed into Kase’s senior technical analyst. He writes Kase’s award-winning weekly Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Metals Commentaries. He is an instructor at Kase's classes and webinars and provides all of the necessary training and support for Kase's hedging models and trading indicators for both retail and institutional traders.

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