Is Disney’s Stock Price Mickey Mouse?

By Cynthia Kase

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The media sector has been hit by fears about streaming video and unbundling. Disney reported decent revenues, but is trading at a relatively high multiple. With high hopes that Star Wars will boost Disney’s stock price, is the decline now a time to buy in?

Disney climbed from a $15.14 low back in 2009 to a $122.08 high on August 4, only to suffer an $11 plus down gap on the following day’s open. This precipitous drop, continuing to $104.24, disconnected the following price action from the previous uptrend. Though the dropped seemed large, it only retraced 38 percent of the rise from $78.54.

Aside from waves, the only key pattern is an intraday coil, shown in the chart below (dark red). Though coils are signs of uncertainty, this one appears to be a failed attempt to recover. The last wave up in green would be expected to exceed the earlier one, which did not happen

$0.75 Kase Bar with Coil

DIS Kase Bar Chart

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If there’s a break higher, though, I’d buy above $111 and increase my position above $117.9. Otherwise, I’d watch $100. If it doesn’t break, then I would time in on signals as prices rise from a short-lived downside test. I would buy on a bounce up from $93.4. But if this lower “drop dead” support breaks, I’d watch Fantasia instead of DIS for now.

Here are the details. As the coil’s apex is approached, a breakout is expected, with upside and downside targets $117.9 and $97.8 respectively.

The decline stalled before hitting its 21 percent retracement, $100. This is a hugely important price because it is the first retracement of the entire move up.

Retracements to $122.08

DIS Retracements

$100 is also a key extension for the waves marked in magenta in the chart. The wave from $122.08 extends to $100 as its 0.62 projection, and the Phi corrective projection. The 1.62 extension for this wave is $93.4.

The magenta wave down from $111 extends to $100 as its 1.38 projection. The last small wave from $109.28 targets $100 as its 2*1.38 extension. (For more on wave targets, check out Kase on Technical Analysis).

The waves shown in blue calculate to immediate support at $101.5. This is also Kase DevStop3 on the weekly chart. If this level isn’t broken on a move lower, then the tone will improve. It’s likely though, if this is tested, $100 will be met. $100 is also a psychological barrier.

Below $100, there’s a wave projection to $97.6, the coil’s lower target, but a break of $100 will likely lead to the $93.4 confluence point.

On the upside, the recent $111 swing poses initial resistance both structurally and as a wave target. Above this there’s a confluence point at $114.9, but the big number is $117.9, coincident with the coil’s upper target. Above this, a resumption of the uptrend would be expected, with reasonably confluent targets up to about $133.

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Cynthia A. Kase, CMT, MFTA, is an award winning market technician and former naval officer, holds a BS and ME in chemical engineering and was employed in that field for 10 years before becoming an oil trader in 1983. After working for Chevron, Chemical Bank and the Saudi Oil Ministry’s consulting arm, she launched Kase and Company, Inc. in 1992. Known as an innovator in technical trading and forecasting, she has had a dual career as an energy hedging advisor and as an inventive trading system developer.

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