Kase StatWare® – Technical Trading Indicators

Kase StatWare is a technical analysis trading indicator package developed by acclaimed market technician and former energy trader Cynthia A. Kase. StatWare’s self-optimizing indicators help professional and individual traders to form a precise and systematic approach to discretionary trading and trade risk management.

Kase StatWare

  • Stops are automatically set to optimally balance, letting profits run with cutting losses.
  • Auto optimize for range, volatility, and risk, which eliminates the need to always be changing settings.
  • Generate color-coded entry signals by evaluating momentum, bar patterns and more.
  • Analyze multiple timeframes, filtering signals for accuracy and speeding up signal generation.
  • Are based on rigorous statistical and mathematical principles, and are thus probability driven.


Pricing depends on your charting platform and whether you are a private (retail), independent professional, or corporate trader.

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