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Trading Indicators and Custom Bar Types

Kase’s precise, statistically driven, technical trading indicators provide state-of-the-art signals for market timing and trade risk management. Choose Kase StatWare for a traditional, discretionary display or KaseX for a streamlined, symbol based approach. Check out Kase’s price forecasting model, and custom bar types as well!

Energy Forecasts
and Risk Management Services

Comprehensive services for energy traders, producers, consumers, and investors including weekly forecasts on natural gas and crude oil prices, trading support, risk management assessments, policies and procedures, computer-based hedge timing models, and customized support.

Education, Analysis and Expert Services

Trading, hedging and risk management strategies, and education. This includes custom analysis, mainly in the energy sector relating to price issues, expert analysis and witness work, storage analysis, risk analysis, and trader risk limits.

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Who we are

Kase and Company, Inc., is a subscription-based, non-commission driven leader in energy market trading and hedging strategy services, risk management education and software, and world class technical analysis, algorithm development, forecasting, and technical analysis education.

Mission Statement

Our mission is excellence in accurate price forecasting, logical, goal oriented, and beneficial energy hedging strategies and support services, and precise technical trading studies, indicators and bar types. This is achieved through rigorous statistical and mathematical evaluation of market behavior, scrupulous attention to detail, and close collaboration with clients.

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Choose an Effective Bar Length for Trading
Join Dean Rogers as he discusses methods for choosing an effective bar length that fits your trading goals and risk appetite

June 25, 2019 @ 4:15 pm ET

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Learning and Support Center

Visit the learning center for complimentary product and service support documentation and training videos, educational materials, published articles, archived webinars and interviews, as well as premium products, including Ms. Kase’s recent “Kase on Technical Analysis” workbook and video series published by Wiley.

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