Energy Hedging Services

Successful long term hedging requires logical decision-making. Kase’s Hedge Service helps clients understand long-term market behavior and pinpoint optimal hedging opportunities while balancing their company’s budget oriented goals and achieving better than market prices.

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Energy Price Forecasting

Kase’s award winning energy price forecasts provide highly accurate and extremely detailed market analysis for natural gas, WTI crude oil, and Brent. The outlook is based upon pure technical analysis, and because Kase does not trade these products, the analysis is unbiased.

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Trading Indicators

Kase’s trading indicators were developed by the award winning veteran trader Cynthia A. Kase, CMT, MFTA. These state-of-the-art trading algorithms condense complex market-timing signals into a simplified color coded display to help traders fine tune entries and exits.

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Kase Outlook

Kase Outlook is a Bloomberg APP that provides the technical tools to identify market bias, pinpoint support and resistance, and determine the probability for meeting these levels. The APP also allows users to scan portfolios for securities that have the best trading opportunities.

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Kase and Company, Inc. is a leader in energy trading and hedging services, crude oil and natural gas price forecasting, and stock, commodity, and FOREX trading indicators. For over 20 years our dedicated team and award winning array of energy trading and hedging services and weekly price forecasts have helped clients make sound and logical decisions that fit each client’s unique goals.

Our mission is excellence in providing clients with highly accurate and predictable hedging and trading strategies, forecasts, and meaningful statistical research based on objective mathematical and technical factors. This is achieved through a rigorous use of the latest techniques for mathematical evaluation of market behavior, scrupulous attention to detail, close collaboration with clients, and the attitude that it is preferable to build upon the conventions of the status quo rather than to rest on them. Ultimately, the focus of these efforts is to improve our clients’ probabilities of success consistent with their chosen risk appetite.

Kase on Technical Analysis

Kase on Technical Analysis is the ultimate guide to forecasting and trading technically, a comprehensive "all you need to know" review of the topics. This 13-part video series will teach you the essentials of what you need to know to forecast and trade with technical analysis.

Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook + Video course

Kase on Technical Analysis DVD

Kase on Technical Analysis Streaming Video