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home of Kase and Company, Inc., a leader for twenty years in trading and hedging technological solutions. Kase offers its acclaimed trading indicator library Statware on a range of platforms, and just launched it's groundbreaking predictive model Kase Outlook™ on
BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL®. Kase also offers custom risk analysis, VaR analysis, trader risk limit assessments, hedging strategies, and trading and hedging seminars for traders as well as financial institutions.

For the energy markets, Kase offers newsletters, including oil and gas forecasts and analysis in its weekly Commentary on Crude Oil, and on Natural Gas, as well as comprehensive guidance for longer-term hedgers with Kase's HedgeService including basis analysis, also offered for crude oil and natural gas. Individually tailored strategies, custom statistical price analysis, and expert witness services are also available. Kase is 100% fixed-fee based and 0% commission driven.

Take a free trial of a Kase product to survive tough market conditions and outmaneuver the competition with Kase’s leading edge technology.

Recent Interviews and Videos

GEM Speaker Series Video Presentation
sponsored by UC Denver- 10/18/2013
Cynthia Kase, CMT, MFTA, discusses Energy Risk Management : an Experienced Advisor's Approach.

Please note, the first 4 minutes of this video was muted. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Three-Part Webinar Series
hosted by eSignal

Take Trading to the Next Level
with Kase StatWare

This is the first of a three-part webinar series that introduces traders to Kase StatWare, explain the concepts behind the indicators, and teach the basics of how to trade and manage investments using the indicators. Attendees will learn to identify accurate entry points, manage trade risk, and exit trades at opportune times. Additional topics include how Kase's momentum indicators automatically identify divergences and overbought, oversold signals, and the statistical basis behind Kase DevStops. This is a must attend event for anyone that is interested in improving trading techniques and results, using Kase studies for eSignal.

Advanced Trading Techniques
Using Kase StatWare

The second part of the series reviews popular and advanced trading techniques using Kase StatWare. One of the most common questions asked by traders is "what time frame works best?" The answer is not always simple, and for many is based upon trading style and risk appetite. This webinar will teach attendees how to use Kase's approach to trading with multiple time, tick volume and range bar charts. Traders will learn how to choose bar lengths based upon risk appetite and how to scale traders to longer bar lengths at the appropriate time. Examples of using multiple bar lengths to look for trade setups using Kase StatWare will also be reviewed.

Developing a Market View and Strategy
The third part of the series identifies market direction, trends, corrections, and using an appropriate strategy to trade successfully with Kase StatWare. Attendees will learn simple and effective technical forecasting methods that have been developed and honed by Kase for the past 20+ years. With these forecasting methods, traders will be able to accurately identify market direction, strength of trend, and support and re-sistance targets, so that they can make more timely and accurate trading decisions us-ing Kase StatWare

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What's Up, What's New

Kase Class - Introduction to Energy Technical Analysis and Trading

Houston, TX - June 24 - 25

Most energy traders and analysts have been exposed to technical analysis, but don’t really understand how to use it successfully for making trading and timing decisions, estimating risk and market direction, or in structuring hedging strategies. This seminar will provide the basics needed for practical real-world applications.

Attendees will learn how to properly set up charts, interpret patterns, develop a market view, and use technical indicators for making trading and hedging decisions. This is a must-have introduction for anyone involved with energy price transactions.

The 2013 TraderPlanet STAR Awards
Kase StatWare has been nominated as TraderPlanet STAR Awards Finalist for Best Trading Software of 2013. Please click on the image below to cast your vote.

The 2013 Oil and Gas Awards
Kase and Company, Inc. is a finalist for Consultancy of the Year in three regions: Southwest, West Coast and Midcontinent. The Oil & Gas Awards recognize the outstanding achievements made within the Upstream and Midstream sectors of the Oil & Gas Industry.

The Technical Analyst Awards 2013
Kase and Company, Inc. is listed as a finalist for The Technical Analyst Awards 2013 in one category, "Best Specialist Research."

Kase StatWare™ on Bloomberg
Kase and Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that StatWare™ is now available through the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service. For more information see KASE <GO> in Bloomberg or CLICK HERE.




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