Kase Trading, Energy Price Forecasts and Energy Hedging Solutions

For the energy markets, Kase offers weekly technical price forecasts – one for WTI and Brent crude oil, and the other for natural gas.

Kase also provides custom guidance for longer-term hedgers with Kase’s Hedge Service. This comprehensive service is offered for crude oil and natural gas, and is available on a custom basis for any energy commodity for which prices are available. Individually tailored strategies, custom statistical price analysis, and expert witness services are also offered.

Kase’s acclaimed trading indicator library StatWare® and KaseX are available on charting platforms, such as Bloomberg®, CQG®, eSignal™, NinjaTrader®, TradeStation®, and more.

Kase also offers custom risk analysis, VaR analysis, trader risk limit assessments, hedging strategies, and trading and hedging educational services.

Kase is purely fee based and not commission driven. Take a complimentary trial of a Kase product or service to survive tough market conditions and outmaneuver the competition.

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