Kase StatWare MultiCharts Installation Instructions

  1. Download Kase StatWare 64bit Installer (Do you need a 32bit Installer?  Get it here.)
  2. Open the Installer file and follow the steps on the Installation Wizard. Ensure all default file locations remain unchanged.  If you receive a warning from Windows, click “More info” then “Run anyway.”
  3. Download the Kase StatWare.pla file. Do not open the file.  Instead, select “Show in folder.” Note where the file is located.  Typically, this will be your Downloads folder.
  4. Open MultiCharts PowerLanguage Editor and then click ‘File’ > ‘Import’ > Select the Kase_StatWare.pla file and click ‘Open.’
  5. Continue to follow installation instructions by clicking ‘Next’ until ‘Finish.’ Ensure all boxes are checked with each step. If prompted to overwrite files click Yes to All. Then select OK to verify files and OK again.

Within the next 24-hours, a representative from Kase will email you a PassKey.pla to activate Kase StatWare.  After downloading, follow steps 4 and 5 to install the PassKey.pla.